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Funny Rude Postcards

See our popular selection of funny and rude postcards you can send from holiday, or as something different for a birthday or other occasion. We even have some fantastic gay postcards among the collection. Happy browsing!
3 for 2 on Badges and Postcards
A dark blue postcard with pastel multicoloured text in the middle that reads You are a bloody amazing human being
£0.95  (DPO 132)
A white postcard with rounded black and rainbow coloured text that reads Here's to another day of being fucking fabulous
£0.95  (DPO 131)
A black postcard with a picture of William Shakespeare with a white border at the top. Below smart white text reads Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. And some are just cunts. William Shakespeare
£0.95  (DPO 130)
£0.95  (DPO 127)
A Christmas postcard asking what your elf name is
£0.95  (DPO 117)
A white christmas postcard with a drawing of a happy looking Santa Claus with his arms outstretched
£0.95  (DPO 121)
A pink rude postcard with the words nosey cunt in tiny capital letters in the middle
£0.95  (DPO 123)
£0.95  (DPO 128)
A turquoise postcard with a pink floral pattern in the bottom left corner
£0.95  (DPO 125)
Inspirational Quote Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 116)
Total Slag Rude Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 115)
Favourite Swear word Rude Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 111)
OMG Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 107)
A rainbow postcard with the words Proud as Fuck repeated in the colours of the progress pride flag
£0.95  (DPO 124)
Satisfying Shit Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 113)
New Day Same Old Shit Rude Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 112)
Fuck Off Rude Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 110)
Goonies names Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 109)
Miss You Like Fuck Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 106)
Alexa, Send Wine Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 105)
Hello You Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 84)
Silly Budgies Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 83)
This Is A Note Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 82)
Complete Tosser Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 81)
OMFG Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 80)
I Need A Poo Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 79)
Post Me Somewhere Nice Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 85)
I'm Not Real Kids Christmas Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 71)
Keep Calm And Eat A Mince Pie
£0.95  (DPO 68)
You Sir, Are A Cunt Rude Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 103)
Shit Just Got Real Christmas Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 101)
Festive AF Christmas Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 99)
Queen Of Shade Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 97)
Can't Even Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 96)
This Postcard is Pretty Damn Gay
£0.95  (DPO 93)
Hello Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 92)
Clowns Scare Me Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 91)
Yasss Queen Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 90)
Are You A Knob Funny Postcard
£0.95  (DPO 89)
Think Happy Things Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 88)
Coffee Keeps Me Going Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 87)
Generic Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 77)
Meanwhile In Japan Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 76)
Gay Is The New Black Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 62)
A funny postcard featuring a black menu board with the title in yellow pin on letters reading Today's menu
£0.95  (DPO 57)
Blah Blah Hello Blah Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 56)
Hello! Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 55)
Who Farted Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 54)
Robot Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 53)
Get Your Shit Together Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 51)
Bitch Please Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 49)
You're Weird Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 46)
Fancy A Curry? Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 44)
Fancy A Kebab? Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 43)
Greetings From... Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 42)
Hello! Sexy Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 40)
Fuck You Very Much Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 39)
Wish You Were Here Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 36)
You Would Not Believe Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 35)
Minge Fanny Flange... Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 34)
Dick Prick Pecker... Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 33)
Fuck Bollocks Wank... Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 32)
Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 31)
I Love Cock Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 26)
I Love London Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 24)
Big Gay Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 23)
OMG! WTF! LOl! Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 22)
Tries To Act Butch Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 20)
Fuck You All Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 19)
Postcards Are So Retro Funny
£0.95  (DPO 17)
Oi! This Postcard Is For You Funny
£0.95  (DPO 16)
Keep Calm And Send A Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 14)
Fuck Email Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 13)
Stop Looking At Porn! Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 11)
Bitch I'm Fabulous Postcard Rude
£0.95  (DPO 07)
You Big Man Whore Postcard Funny
£0.95  (DPO 06)
A funny postcard featuring a vintage catalogue page titled Pouffe Parade and featuring a picture of a smiling woman posing with footstalls and a selection of different types
£0.95  (DPO 05)

A different type of postcard!

At Dean Morris Cards, we like to be original and now you can choose from our fabulous range of funny and rude holiday postcards. Whether you’re looking to send something amusing home from holiday, or send a birthday postcard, we can help, with a selection of designs taken from our most popular birthday cards.

Holiday postcards
It’s rather a tradition to send family and friends a postcard from holiday and rude and saucy postcards are a mainstay of UK seaside holiday tradition. Who hasn’t had a chuckle at the racks of holiday postcards available in the beach parade? Maximise your beach time this year and save yourself the scramble of finding postcards while you’re on your trip by taking them with you! Our cards can compete with the best when you want something a little rude - although some people find a few of them offensive so careful who you send them to! Now you can relax, and get writing those funny cards from the shelter of your windbreak, or sat on the beach towel relaxing in the sun.

Birthday postcards – something a little different
We have a wide selection of birthday cards for all tastes, and we’ve taken a handful of popular ones and made them into postcards, too. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, or maybe you’re overseas or away on holiday when it’s their birthday; so send your friend or loved one a postcard this year instead!

Gay postcards
Yes! Of course we have some gay postcards just waiting to be sent.

Something novel at Christmas?
Want to send a Christmas postcard? Well, although we mostly cater for holidays in this section, some can still be sent at Xmas, if you see something that grabs you.

Happy hunting and we hope you love our postcards as much as we did designing them!

Last date modified: 31st January 2019