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Rude Valentines Day Cards

You can have your forced romantic dinners, your chocolates and flowers but what you really want on 14th February is a shag! And these rude valentines cards are the perfect way of making that clear, no beating about the bush, no wining and dining, just lust! Who said romance was dead?

If you are looking for something a bit more romantic, not all the cards are rude, there are some funny valentines cards too and there is even have an adorable kitten card.

I Love You Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMR 28)

Whether you want to show your affection, appreciation or are getting a tiny bit lusty, our hilarious range of funny and rude valentines cards should be just the job!

Now we’re certainly able to produce a romantic card or two to show your affection, but if you’re looking for loving tenderness in a Valentine message, most of our cards are probably off that scale. Our Valentines cards are designed to make your sweetheart laugh. If you’ve already had a browse, then by now you’ll realise we specialise in the slightly naughty sixties and Seventies type play on words, through to the blunt, in your face statements to make your romantic other half’s jaw drop. Only you can know which of these to buy, and let’s face it, you have to know the person well to send them a rude card, so you’re probably right on the mark, aren’t you :-)

Make sure you have a thorough browse, so you find the perfect one (or more if you’re sending to more than one person!). We have a cheeky range of fun gifts too, perfect for that little valentine’s extra present and we do rude wrapping paper if you want to match in with the theme of the rude card or special present you already have.

Last date modified: 20th February 2017