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Rude Birthday Cards

Fuck You Cat Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMA 319)
Birthday Knob Head Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DSS 41)
 Sold Out 
Celebrate Your Own Fucking Birthday Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00
Save: 50% off
  (DMA 40)

Fuck You Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMA 244)
Happy Birthday Tightarse Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00
Save: 50% off
  (DMA 49)

Fuck You're Old! Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DSS 37)
 Sold Out 
Warning - This Card Is Fucking Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00
Save: 50% off
  (DMA 157)


Rude Birthday cards from Dean Morris

Some may say they’re offensive, but if you’re up for rude birthday cards, we think we have many of the best birthday cards you’ll find. If you‘re looking for hilariously funny rude cards then Dean, our in house master of greeting card design, has catered for a range of tastes. You should be able to find what you want, as our selection of birthday cards varies from the suggestive to the down-right filthy.

Want something a little more racy or just a little lewd? We can help. Want to shock your friend and make them laugh? We have the cards for you, too!

We’ve become a well-known name in the greeting card industry, with an off-beat and naughty sense of humour. In fact, that’s how we’ve made our name, by specialising in the rude and some say offensive greeting cards and gifts.

Dean has a naughty slant on the sometimes vulgar cards that he produces, but it’s all done in the great tradition of British humour. The mix of the crude with classic 1950’s to 1970’s scenes and photographs, taken out of context, make our cards unexpected and hilarious. The more modern and out and out blunt, vulgar cards, show that the humorous card can move with the times. And we think they reflect the changing times and tastes. And let’s face it, the rude cards market is as buoyant as ever, which shows that we, as a nation, don’t take ourselves too seriously!

And while it may be offensive to some, you probably know who you can send these cards too and you’re not going to send them to someone who gets easily offended or who you don’t know very well. It’s a great reflection on the British taste in what’s funny, that we can laugh at these kinds of greeting card. In sharing an offensive card with a friend, who you know will appreciate the humour, you’re showing them how comfortable you are with them and that you know they won’t be offended by receiving it.

Our bawdy and colourful cards bring you something that bit different that you won’t always find on the high street as most shops are a little too prudish to stock them. With orders despatched, usually within twenty four hours from order, we’re quick too! So even if you’ve forgotten your mate’s birthday is just around the corner, we can help!

Want to buy rude cards for a number of people? We do great pack deals on cards. And remember to keep coming back to us, as Dean changes and updates our collections regularly. Join our newsletter and keep up with the latest offers on not just birthday greeting cards, but for those for other occasions throughout the year!

We hope you enjoy our cards, and take them in good humour. We’d love to get your feedback, so remember to leave your comments next to the cards you buy and tell people what you think of them and your experiences!

Last date modified: 13th July 2016

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