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Fabulous Gay Birthday Cards and Gifts

Looking for a Gay Happy Birthday Card? Our Fabulous range of funny and rude greeting cards are a bright tribute to the special day. Show your friends and family you care and have fun doing it – happy browsing!

Big Gay Pen Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 45)
Daddy Issues Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 278)
Fabulous Gayness Birthday Card
£2.50  (RAN 04)
Feeling Thirsty Funny Coaster
£2.75  (DMT 174)
Fuck The Haters Funny Greeting Card
£2.50  (DMA 398)
Happy Birthgay Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (GUM 40)
Happy LGBTQI+ Birthday Card
£2.50  (RAN 06)
Have A Nice Gay Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 281)
Have A Nice Gay Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 50)
Love is Love Greeting Card
£2.50  (RAN 03)
Love Is Love LGBTQ Badge
£0.95  (DMD 258)
Love Is Love Valentines Card
£2.50  (DMV 122)
Pretty Fucking Gay Greeting Card
£2.50  (RAN 05)
Progress Pride Flag Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 136)
Proud Your Mine Card
£2.50  (DMV 116)
Send Nudes Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 261)
Send Nudes Funny Valentines Card
£2.50  (DMV 118)
Slide Into My DMs Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 275)
Stay Classy Stay Sassy Greeting Card
£2.50  (DMA 418)
Trust Me I'm A Unicorn Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 252)
Wake Up Be Fabulous Funny Coaster
£2.75  (DMT 170)
Yasss Queen Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 134)
Yasss Queen Gay Birthday Card
£2.50  (RAN 01)
100% Unicorn Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 239)
Big Gay Card Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (GUM 03)
Gay Boy Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 203)
Gayer Than Kylie Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 205)
I Love Anal Rude Greeting Card
£2.50  (DMA 278)
I Shit Rainbows Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 08)
I'm That Slut From Grindr Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 236)
Totally Gay Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 230)
Totally Gay Gift Wrap x 3 Sheets
£3.65  (DMW 42)
Totes Masc Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 237)
Totes Masc Funny Greeting Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMA 343)
Wake Up Be Fabulous Repeat Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 26)
Yasss Queen Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 231)
Big Gay Funny Coaster
£2.75  (DMT 64)
Rainbow Flag Funny Coaster
£2.75  (DMT 77)
You Shit Rainbows Rude Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 57)
Your Pet Unicorn Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DMA 180)
Gay Icon Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 124)
I Shit Rainbows Rude Badge
£0.95  (DMD 126)
Rainbow Flag Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 99)
Size Queen Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 162)
Team Gay Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 158)
This Season Go Gay Funny Badge
£0.95  (DMD 28)
I Love Gays Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMA 47)

Gay birthday greeting cards

Dean has once again produced a brilliant range of bright, fresh cards, injecting his own unique sense of humour into the occasion. Whether you're gay or lesbian, we've got cards to cater for most tastes, from the playful to the hilarious. But we also have the out and out rude, which after all we're famous for - or is that infamous?

All our greeting cards are produced with a sense of fun, and we hope they help you, your friends and family celebrate that birthday with a little more light-hearted humour on the special day.

There is a multipack, too, so you can get a great selection at a special price to cater for a number of birthdays! We also have our best-selling cards available in a range of gifts, which are ideal for those little birthday extras, to help make the day that bit brighter. Your friends will remember your gift each time they use that mug (and of course place it on a funny coaster!), keyring or see that hilarious fridge magnet. Remember to get your wrapping paper to go with your card, and make the day that bit more memorable and fun.

So whether they are a 'camp little sausage' an 'old queen' or you just want to tell them to 'wake up, be fabulous and repeat', we hope the cards are gay enough for you.

Last date modified: 12th June 2020