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Funny rude Secret Santa gift ideas under £5 & £10

Most people love to get a Secret Santa present at Christmas, and at Dean Morris Cards, we have a great range of funny, rude Secret Santa present ideas with a twist, for below £10 £5 and even under £3. Remember to browse our individual gift categories for other great ideas and alternative thoughts for presents, too!
I Need A Poo Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 27)
A Day Without Wine Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 104)
Beer Goes Here Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 100)
Coffee Is My Drug Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 102)
Help! Please Send Wine Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 118)
I Do Love A Pint Of Gin Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 109)
I Love Beer Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 139)
I Love Geeks Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 19)
I Love Gin Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 138)
I Love My Moustache Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 20)
I Love My Pussy Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 21)
I Love Tea Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 140)
I Love Wine Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 137)
Smile! It Scares People Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 125)
All I Need Is Coffee And Free Wifi Funny Coaster
£2.50  £1.25  (DMT 63)
Fuck Tea Rude Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 62)
I Love Cock Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 05)
I Love My Pussy Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 74)
It Must Be True Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 79)
The Boss Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 79)
The Office Slave Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 78)
Wine* That Is All Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 83)
You Big Man Whore Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 15)
Bankers And Wankers Rude Badge
£0.95  (DMD 62)
Fuck Work Rude Badge
£0.95  (DMD 23)
Let's Drink Jagerbombs Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 52)
Nice Pants Funny Coaster
£2.50  (DMT 46)
OMFG!! I Need Coffee Funny Mug
£7.99  (DMM 13)
I Hate My Job Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 33)
Office Slut Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 39)
Office Slut Funny Keyring
£2.00  (DMK 31)
I Hate My Job Funny Keyring
£2.00  (DMK 17)

Secret Santa work ideas

While you obviously have to use your own judgement as to whether some of the ruder Secret Santa ideas are suitable for your office use, we have a great range of items that are suitable for work, like coffee mugs and coasters, both funny and rude. Other items like keyrings and iphone cases can also make some awesome secret Santa alternatives. Remember, we’ve picked some of our gift ideas from around the site, but you can also browse the categories for an even wider range many under £3, £5 and £10 ranges. They make a great fun addition to your secret Santa wish list ideas and will help spice up your selection with some great novelty and joke items to make people laugh.

Almost all our items are well under ten Pounds – with our mugs being fantastic value for money. Moving through the under five Pounds range, our Iphone cases are ideal gifts and for under three Pounds we have an even wider selection from coasters, fridge magnets and badges for those little extra touches.

While you’re here, you can pick up some great deals on funny and rude cards, with multipacks too – and you can even match your card to the gift for many of the items, as the best of the gifts often came from popular cards we do!

Last date modified: 30th November 2016