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Funny Rude Christmas Wrapping Paper: Xmas & Birthday Wrap

Browse our popular selection of rude and original funny Christmas wrapping paper, by Dean Morris, ready for Christmas 2021. There’s something for everyone including Christmas birthdays; from the funny cat, smart & vintage, novelty wrap to the out and out offensive, to make your present that bit better! Happy browsing!
Alexa send wine Gift Wrap x 3 sheets
£3.75  (DMW 49)
Bright red wrapping paper with a picture of a smiling man in a suit with the words ‘You old bastard’ above him in simple white font. This repeats across the entire paper
£3.75  (DMW 47)
Indigo wrapping paper with a picture of a man dressed extremely brightly from head to toe doing a silly pose and across him are the words ‘You’re a twat’ in capitalised, simple white font. This repeats across the entire paper
£3.75  (DMW 44)
Bright wrapping paper with a spiral of rainbow colours and the words ‘Love is love’, ‘Yasss queen’ and ‘Totally gay’ in capitalised white, 3D bubble font
£3.75  (DMW 42)
Today Is All About You Gift Wrap X 3 Sheets
£3.75  £2.00  (DMW 26)
Wrapping paper with a vintage style drawing of a scared woman behind shattered glass with her arms covering her face
£3.75  (DMW 19)
Bright white wrapping paper with the words ‘Ho fucking ho’ in capitalised, alternating green and red font continuously repeated across the entire paper
£3.75  (DMW 17)
Keep Calm And Carry On Gift Wrap X 3 Sheets
£3.75  £2.00  (DMW 16)

Christmas Paper

Looking for Christmas wrapping paper sheets? At Dean Morris Cards, we love Christmas, and we have a wide selection from vintage novelty to modern gift wrap and plenty of our classic rude paper too! Pop some paper in the cart while you’re shopping with us – it’s a perfect complement to our cards and stocking fillers, too.

Birthday Gift Wrap

Throughout the year, our birthday paper makes a fantastic addition to your card and gift orders and great everyday gifts. There’s plenty to choose from and more added each year – plus we don’t stop stocking birthday paper just because it’s Christmas! Taken from our original range of card designs, you should be able to find the right paper for you, whether you’re looking for something fun or a bit ruder to make them laugh.


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Last date modified: 22nd November 2021