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We love pens! Who wants to work in a paperless office without pens? You wouldn't be able to tell people what you are thinking when they try to steal yours.

Of course you can find some of our signature rude and some may say offensive phrases on these, but we have also some lovely ones. They are also like little Pokemon ... gotta collect them all. They look perfect on your desk or kitchen table in a little pen pot all cute and sweary ready to surprise an unsuspecting visitor.

Crazy Cat Lady Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 10)
Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck Rude Pen
£2.75  (PEN 12)
Huge Bellend Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 13)
I Need A Poo! Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 14)
I Shit Rainbows Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 07)
Office Wanker Rude Pen
£2.75  (PEN 09)
Prosecco Princess Funny Pen
£2.75  (PEN 03)
Santa Thinks You're A Cunt Rude Pen
£2.75  (PEN 04)
Last date modified: 14th September 2018