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Funny rude mugs: novelty coffee

At Dean Morris Cards, we simply love rude mugs. So, if you’re looking for a funny rude coffee mug, whether it’s something for the office, as a Christmas stocking filler or as a rude novelty mug for friends or family, we’ve got them all!

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Don't Steal My Fucking Mug
£8.75  (DMM 32)
I Need A Poo Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 27)
You Sir Are a Knob Mug
£8.75  (DMM 31)
I Love My Pussy Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 21)
You Big Man Whore Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 15)
OMFG!! I Need Coffee Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 13)
You Big Knob Jockey Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 06)
I Love Cock Funny Mug
£8.75  (DMM 05)
Go Green Fuck A Vegetarian Rude Mug
£8.75  (DMM 04)
Fuck Bollocks Wank Rude Mug
£8.75  (DMM 03)
I Need My Fucking Caffeine Rude Mug
£8.75  (DMM 02)
Fuck Off Back To Economy Rude Mug
£8.75  (DMM 01)

Novelty mugs for work

A mug can be a great fun statement for the office. We have plenty of funny mugs for work and people will know it’s yours – no more hunting around for that old skanky mug sitting in the sink that who knows who last used and when. Although we’d urge caution for the office environment with some of our ruder mugs - if it’s for work use your own judgement, as some of these might be ruder than your workmates / boss would like!

Make a statement with an apt message telling them in no uncertain terms who should make the coffee, or how much you care about their little dramas. Brighten up your daily cuppa with a thought on a long life or how you would so like some peace and quiet. Express yourself about how much you enjoy your job or perhaps how you appreciate the fantastic technical advice on your PC from the local office know-it-all.

Christmas novelty mugs

Mugs make great stocking fillers at Christmas, and a colourful and welcome gift for a birthday – your friend or family member will always remember who got them that mug.

If it’s for Christmas – how about a secret Santa mug? They’re relatively inexpensive and who doesn’t like getting a mug – it’s useful and will remind them of you each time they drink from it. Choose your message carefully!

As a great every-day present idea

A mug can be the perfect gift, at a surprisingly affordable price, that is just enough to spend on a colleague’s birthday or as a great extra to a main present. Or maybe indulge yourself and splash out to cheer up each day for yourself.

Gay mugs

We have a popular range of gay cards and our funny gay coffee mugs are taken from some of the best of these – perfect to complement to that card you just bought!

So, take a good look at our range, and we’re sure you’ll find something that’s right for the occasion. And remember, we have coasters to go with the mugs and you can even buy wrapping paper! Brilliant! A one-stop shop for a birthday right here at Dean Morris Cards! Remember to join our newsletter to get a discount voucher and for special offers throughout the year, too. Cheers!

Last date modified: 22nd September 2021