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Twisted Vintage: Retro Cards

Looking for a birthday card with that retro look? We're here to help with our 'Twisted Vintage' range of cards for friends and family.
Coffee Slut Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 58)
You Shit Rainbows Rude Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 57)
Mum, You Deserve A Medal Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £0.50  (DME 42)
Mum, Have A Drink Or Ten Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £0.50  (DME 41)
Jagerbombs Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 24)
Wonder Mum Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 19)
Hello! Yes You! Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DME 09)

Retro Offerings to Relive Your Youth

A more gentle range of humour from Dean Morris Cards, for those who want something funny but not too rude.

The cards use 50’s illustrations and bold primary colours with quirky and retro humour. You will find plenty of cards about alcohol, drinking, and generally getting a bit tipsy or drunk. For people trying to relive their youth the Lets Drink Jagerbomb’s and Pretend We Are In Our 20’s Again is incredibly popular, and is also available as a matching gift wrapping paper.

Last date modified: 23rd October 2019