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Funny thank you cards

'Thank you' isn't such a hard thing to say, but it's often forgotten. Our bright thank you cards make it easy to do just that, so whether it's a baby thank you card, wedding thank you card, or maybe a nod to your teacher for all their help, we think we've got you covered. Cheers!

We've been careful to give a simple but bright collection of cards to say thank you with. Suitable for most occasions, simply add your message as appropriate and you're off.

Wedding thank you cards

Got a long wedding thank you list to do? Our cards are perfect and say it all. Weddings are expensive things and our cards are great value with plenty of space for you to put your personalised thank message inside.

Baby thank you cards

It's great to have lots of nice new things for baby, and it’s equally important to let your friends know how grateful you are for the presents! Go on, splash out on our cards and you can get those messages of thanks out there quickly. With some great designs to choose from, you can buy one or more types depending on who you’re sending your thank you message to.

What to write in a thank you card

Our advice when thinking about what to write in a thank you card is not to over complicate things for yourself! If you’re spending hours mulling over ideas, or exact ways to phrase the message, you’re undoubtedly overthinking it a little bit! Remember, although most of us loath the idea of sitting down and writing thank you notes, sending a card is in itself half the battle. We’ve already done the hard work for you, with our great big thank you message on the front of the card.

So, to stop it from being a chore, just pick up that pen, keep the thank you card messages straight to the point and simple. Remember it's the thought that counts. Start to write how much you enjoyed the gift or whatever it is that you are thanking them for and then sign off with an appropriate close, depending upon how well you know them and how you normally address that person.

We hope you love our thank you cards as much as Dean enjoyed creating them. Remember to leave your feedback on the cards – we always welcome the comments.

Last date modified: 29th March 2017