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Funny Son & Daughter Cards

Hilarious cards for your older son's or daugher's birthday celebrations. Enjoy sending them something slightly different to make them laugh.
A Fathers Day card with a 1960s picture of a loving family
£2.50  (DMU 175)
A greeting card with a funny picture of a man in a 1990s shell suit
£2.50  (DMA 325)
A dark blue birthday card with the words ‘Happy birthday to a great son’ in alternating, capitalised turquoise, blue, pale blue and purple font below a crown logo
£2.50  £0.50  (DMS 72)

Now, we all get to the age where we’re not sure what to send our children as a birthday card. If they’re not children, but in their ‘tween-age’ years, you probably won’t want to see them squirm with a rude card; wait until they’re a bit more grown up, perhaps! So instead keep it simple and bright. Our Birthday boy and birthday girl cards do just that - a modern, smart design, which says what it means; they’ll always be your birthday boy or girl, no matter how old they get!

Remember, these cards are perfect with our other products – perhaps a mug to remember the special occasion - or you might want to surprise your birthday son and daughter with one of our keyrings if you’re buying them a car or driving lessons for their big day? If you’re looking for something smaller to go with your card, we have coasters, fridge magnets and we even have wrapping paper to complement our card ranges.

Last date modified: 27th September 2019