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Flight & Cabin Crew Gifts & Cards

Looking for gifts for flight crew, or cabin crew? We’ve brought together a hilarious selection suitable for both birthdays and Christmas presents and cards, or just as a thank you for a job well done!

Will Fuck For Air Miles Rude Badge
£1.25  (DMD 93)
A dark blue badge with simple white lower case text in the middle that reads Chicken or beef?
£1.25  (DMD 69)
Jet Set Slapper Funny Badge
£1.25  (DMD 63)
Fuck Off Back To Economy Rude Mug
£8.75  (DMM 01)
Fuck Off Back To Economy Rude Badge
£1.25  (DMD 04)
Slut Of The Skies Funny Badge
£1.25  (DMD 01)
Slut Of The Skies Funny Keyring
£2.50  £1.00  (DMK 15)
This Bitch Needs An Upgrade Rude Keyring
£2.50  £1.00  (DMK 09)

You for coffee?

As flight crew, you work with the same bunch for a long time, and it has to get tough ferrying all those passengers back and forth to sunnier climes, doesn’t it? Break up the travel monotony with our bright, colourful and often rude presents and cards, especially for you, the faithful flight attendants and cabin staff!

For cabin crew, air stewards, mileage whores, pilots, or just those who love to Come Fly With Me and see the world this is a range of cards and gifts to suit all classes of travel. But you should always try and turn left! These are very popular with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic – so the crew have told me when I’ve been on their flights.

We now hove lots of other sexy products for cabin crew. As well as cards we also have Key Rings and Fridge Magnets. Don't worry you jet setting bunch, we ship worldwide.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find the right gifts for your flight comrades and crew. Remember to let us know what you think and leave us a quick review next to your favourite gift or card – no need to log in, and it takes a few moments! Have a great trip!

Last date modified: 23rd October 2019