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Be A Darling Funny Card
£2.00  (DMU 106)
Goodbye Youth Funny Greeting Card
£2.00  (DMU 139)
That Cake Is Mine Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 131)
You Vile Old Bitch Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 133)
Fuckity Arseholes Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 92)
How's Your Drink? Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 64)
I Need A Poo Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 77)
It's All About Me Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 58)
Ooh Nice Package Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 81)
Right Royal Knees Up Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 57)
Whatever Cat Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 74)
Why The Long Face Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 76)
Go Fuck Yourself Rude Birthday Card
£2.00  (DMU 41)
Happy Birthday Slapper! Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 42)
Premiership Footballers Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 47)
Safe Sex? Funny Birthday Card
£2.00  £1.00  (DMU 20)

Funny, Rude and Cheeky Birthday Cards

Named after the speech bubbles on the cards, these cards have people saying what you are probably thinking but afraid to say!

New designs are always launching in this range, so always pop back to see the new designs. One of the popular cards is the Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again design, which will resonate with anyone who works in an office and had to call IT Support. This is the answer you really want to give them! Available as a mug too for the boys and girls in the IT department.

Last date modified: 29th June 2016