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Bubbles Greeting Cards

Looking for a birthday card with a speech bubble? Then you're at the right place. Enjoy!

A birthday card with a retro picture of two young woman looking at each other.  One is saying You're so outrageous and inappropriate. Can we be friends?
£2.50  (DMU 224)
A birthday card with a 1960's picture of a wealthy looking woman holding up theatre glasses and looking at camera smiling
£2.50  (DMU 223)
A birthday card with a 1970s picture of a woman smiling using an exercising bike
£2.50  (DMU 214)
A red birthday card with a 1960s photo of a young woman praying in a blue blouse
£2.50  (DMU 212)
A Fathers Day card with a 1960s picture of worried looking man answering the phone
£2.50  (DMU 199)
A birthday card with a 1960s photo of a male and female couple, hands raised over their eyes looking at camera
£2.50  (DMU 211)
A birthday card with a 1970s photo of a young man
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 210)
A birthday card with a 1960s photo of a young girl hugging and kissing a young boy
£2.50  (DMU 208)
Massive slutbag rude birthday card
£2.50  (DMU 206)
I love my cat funny greeting card
£2.50  (DMU 205)
Blow harder! funny birthday card
£2.50  (DMU 202)
You're On My To Do List Funny Valentines Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 186)
Wanna Bang? Funny Valentines Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 183)
TikTok Famous Size Ten Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 189)
Happy New Normal Birthday To You Card
£2.50  (DMU 196)
Can We Have Sex Now Funny Greeting Card
£2.50  £0.50  (DMU 68)
Be There In Person Rude Greeting Card
£2.50  (DMU 187)
All I Want Is A New President Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 182)
Top of the List Rude Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 178)
A Fathers Day card with a 1960s picture of a loving family
£2.50  (DMU 175)
Little People Funny Mothers Day Card
£2.50  (DMU 169)
Booty Call Funny Valentines Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 162)
Whatsapp Group Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DMU 168)
Make Birthdays Great Again Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 167)
Alexa, Send Wine Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DMU 164)
Goodbye Youth Funny Greeting Card
£2.50  (DMU 139)
A burgundy retro-style greeting card with a woman looking hopefully up at a man that she has her arms around
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 134)
I Used To Have My Sanity Funny Greeting Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 127)
You Vile Old Bitch Rude Birthday Card
£2.50  (DMU 133)
That Cake Is Mine Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  (DMU 131)
Bro Do You Even Lift Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 113)
Peace, Love, Joy - And Wine Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 79)
Hello, Were You Mis-sold PPI Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 78)
I Deserve A Bloody Medal Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 70)
Don't You Know Who I Am Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £0.50  (DMU 45)
A birthday card with a 70’s retro photograph of a smartly dressed young woman sat at an old fashioned telephone exchange desk
£2.50  £1.00  (DMU 38)
Maybe, Just Maybe Funny Birthday Card
£2.50  £0.50  (DMU 30)

Funny, Rude and Cheeky Birthday Cards

Named after the speech bubbles on the cards, these cards have people saying what you are probably thinking but afraid to say!

New designs are always launching in this range, so always pop back to see the new designs. One of the popular cards is the Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again design, which will resonate with anyone who works in an office and had to call IT Support. This is the answer you really want to give them! Available as a mug too for the boys and girls in the IT department.

Last date modified: 23rd October 2019