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Funny Fridge Magnets UK

Wondering where to buy some fun fridge magnets? We have fantastic selection of large, funny & rude fridge magnets, perfect as fun gifts for friends and relatives, or for yourself!
A fridge magnet with two pictures on the front, a happy looking dog and an aloof looking cat
£2.75  (DMG 144)
Let's celebrate Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 141)
Fuck Off Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 139)
Progress Pride Flag Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 136)
Alexa Send Wine Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 135)
Yasss Queen Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 134)
8 Out Of 10 Cats Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 132)
Bernard And His Bitches Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 01)
Fuck You Arsehole Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 126)
Smell Of Wee Fridge Magnet Funny
£2.75  (DMG 113)
I Love My Pussy Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 103)
You Shit Rainbows Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 101)
A rectangular fridge magnet with the classic six colour rainbow flag pattern
£2.75  (DMG 90)
Rude Menu Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 85)
That's Right, I'm Pissed Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 83)
I'm So Rich Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 81)
It Must Be True Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 79)
Let's Get Twatted Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 58)
I Love Anal Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  (DMG 55)
The More I Know Men Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 54)
Keep Calm And Carry On Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 42)
Office Slut Funny Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 39)
You Big Wanker Rude Fridge Magnet
£2.75  £0.50  (DMG 22)

Large, funny fridge magnets

Just like our other collections, we have a good selection of large colourful fridge magnets. At 55 x 80 mm they are a good size and their fun, light hearted humour will brighten up any kitchen fridge or freezer which will take a magnet.

Based on our well-known range of rude and funny cards, we’ve taken a fun dip into our best and most popular cards for the fridge magnet collection. A great UK sense of humour is reflected throughout, with lots of tastes catered for, from the rude and funny to the rather blunter offerings.

Different topics for different tastes

We’re always releasing new gifts and the same goes for our fridge magnet selection. Catering for many tastes there's something suitable to adorn the fridge for most people, including a rainbow flag magnet, too. Maybe you’re a wine drinker, or perhaps you prefer a good old cuppa – we’ve got you covered with our fun refrigerator magnets!

Now we’re well known for our rude cards, and the same goes here. But whether you’re looking for a laugh, a bit more of a statement, or just to brighten up your fridge and make you smile each day, there should be something to your taste here.

Remember, these go perfectly with our range of cards, gifts and gift wrapping paper, as an added extra for a special occasion, or a bit of a laugh for a friend. Whether you’re looking for something as a gift for a mate, or your mum, we think you should be able to find the fridge magnet for you!

Last date modified: 7th July 2021