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9 Top Office Christmas Party Games For 2018

14th December 2018

Don’t know about you, but the normal ‘standy around’, nursing a drink office party is not for me. If you fancy breaking the ice a little, we’ve gathered some rather ridiculous office Christmas party games from around the Internet which you might like to participate in this Christmas. So let’s all have an office party to remember!

Sanity warning!

Now before we start, remember some of these games involve – god forbid – physical contact and sometimes this is with the opposite sex. So, it’s not normal office behaviour and you’ve been warned. Enough said. Now, to the games!


Balloon Race:

If you’re in the mood for something a little outrageous and silly, this is the game for you.

What you need:

  • Two or more teams of at least five people.
  • Lots of balloons
  • Sticky tape
  • Sturdy chairs – one for each team


Each of the players has a balloon firmly taped to their behinds. The first player runs forward to a sturdy chair and grabs hold. Once they reach it the next player runs forward grabs them around the waist and squeezes themselves against the balloon in order to pop it. Not as easy as it seems! Once they’ve burst the balloon, the first player runs back to the other team members and the next runs forward as the person who just burst the balloon grabs the chair. Keep bursting balloons until everyone’s had a go and there are no balloons left.

And the winners are…

The winner is the first team to burst all of the balloons and make it back in line with their team mates.


Chubby bunnies

This classic party game is not for the faint of heart! Play at your own risk!


What you need,

  • Two or more participants, each sat at a chair.
  • A bowl with lots of marshmallows in it
  • A bin

The rules

Each contestant takes it in turn to take a marshmallow, place it in their mouth fully and then say ‘Chubby bunnies’

And the winner is…

Players take it in turns until they can no longer fit the marshmallows in their mouth and say chubby bunnies. The person with the most in their mouth and still able to articulate chubby bunnies recognisably is the winner.



One handed wrapping race

These are a little more down to earth but still great fun.

What you need

  • At least two teams of two people
  • Some low quality wrapping paper that’s likely to shred easily
  • A tape dispenser
  • Some ribbon
  • A large table or two and plenty of space
  • One or two presents each to wrap
  • We suggest an A4 box and optionally something odd shaped that will be harder to wrap
  • Optionally, some thick ribbon or belts to fasten contestants together



Two people of each team must only use one hand each, no mouths or other hands creeping in there. Working together they must wrap the present(s) as neatly as they can



Have one normal shaped present and another odd shaped second present to wrap. Like a frying pan or something similar.

You can tie the team members together so they have to use opposite hands. A lot funnier, too…


And the winners are…

The winners are the team that wraps the presents the fastest. Presents must be wrapped properly so that you cannot see any of the present.


Pass the veg

Pure, daft fun

What you need

  • To teams of seven or more people each.
  • Chairs for each person
  • Straws for each person


All participants sit on chairs without their shoes off and – pass leek or large carrot in their feet only from one end to the other and back again. Meanwhile, an elastic band has to be passed on a straw the other way from one end to the other.

And the winners are…

The winners are the team to pass both the vegetable and the straw from one end to the other and back again the fastest.



Chocolate game (US Chocolate candy game)

A good excuse to eat some chocolate – if you can get to it!

What you need

  • One bar of unwrapped chocolate
  • Knives and forks each
  • Two dice
  • A cutting board or tray on which the chocolate is put
  • Assorted scarf, woolly hat, gloves



Players take it in turns to roll the two dice until they add up to seven. When they do they put on the gloves, hat and scarf and then pick up their knife and fork and attempt to eat the chocolate by cutting it with the  knife and fork and picking it up with the fork to eat. As soon as the next person rolls a score of seven, they take the scarf, glove and hat, pick up their own knife and fork and continue.

And the winner is…

Whoever manages the impossible task of getting chocolate wins each time they do so!


Unwrap the gift, cloth fingers!

Have you ever tried to unwrap a box while wearing oven gloves? Well, now you can.

What you need

  • Five or more contestants
  • Oven gloves
  • Large coat and hat
  • Dice
  • A large box that is wrapped with layers of wrapping paper and tape. It has to be possible to unwrap by hand, without scissors.



Contestants take it in turns to roll two dice until they get a score of seven. The first to do so puts the hat and coat on, grabs the oven gloves and attempts to unwrap the box in the middle of the table.

The other contestants keep rolling the dice until they get a seven and when they do they grab the hat, coat and gloves as before and take over the unwrapping process

And the winner is…

The winner is the one who eventually properly unwraps the box and gets inside.


Banana eating game

So, here’s a game that simply involves eating a banana with some chocolate sauce on it. Oh, and with no hands. Simple, huh?

What you need

  • Several willing victims, sorry, people
  • A peeled banana each – each of roughly the same size
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Paper plates
  • Plenty of table space



Keeping their hands behind their backs at all times, each contestant must eat the chocolate sauce covered banana off a plate, by leaning forwards and taking bites.


And the winner is…

The winner is the contestant who finishes the banana first.

Face the cookie

What could be simpler? Just eat that cookie!

What you need

  • Two or more contestants
  • Chairs for each
  • Open packs of five or six cookies – something non crumbly and standard shape like an Oreo or similar – for each contestant, sat to the side of them



Sit on a chair, lean back and place a cookie on your forehead.

Without using your hands or any other help, you must wriggle the cookie down your face and into your mouth

If the cookie drops it cannot be eaten and you must select a new cookie from the pack


And the winner is…

The winner is the one who either gets the cookie into their mouth first, or manages to eat the most cookies. You decide!


Pass the cup

A simple game, just pass the cup. No hands. And you just use a straw. What’s the problem?

What you need

  • Two or more teams of eight or more people
  • Straws for each
  • Light paper or plastic cups



Each team member puts the straw in their mouth. The cup must be passed from team member to team member down the line using only the straw to take it from the person before them. They then turn to face the next team member and repeat.


And the winners are…

The winners are the team that passes the cup down to the end of the line and back again the fastest.



Tell us what you enjoyed and let us know if you have any other party  games for the office and we’ll include any we love here!  Happy office Christmas party to you!


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