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That’s gotta hurt!

Posted 25th October 2016

So last night the wait was finally over.  I got my Walking Dead fix back and boy wasn’t that a grueling and brutal season premiere?

I ain’t gonna give any spoilers away in case you haven’t seen it yet but the recipient of Negan’s bat Lucille was revealed and it didn’t disappoint.  Walking Dead has never held back on the violence which is great for a gore hound like me (I was watching video nasties back when I was ten) but last night’s episode was just about watchable.  Not only for its brutality but for the complete feeling of helplessness Negan has left the group with.  Didn’t think they could outdo Noah in the revolving door but last night they did.

Apart from the sluggish Season Two Walking Dead just gets better and better and long may it be on our screens.  It’s the only thing that has come close to matching the greatness of Six Feet Under.  And I love zombies.


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