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Where in the World

22nd October 2016

img_5398One of my favourite magazines to read (or look longingly at the pictures) is Conde Nast Traveller.  A lot of whats in there one can’t afford but there’s always lots to enjoy and I did pick the Villa in Mallorca for my 40th Birthday and my tour of Burma directly from it so it does inspire.

They’ve got one monthly section I always enjoy called Where in the World where they interview someone famous and glamorous about how and where they travel.  I love to know other people’s little travel secrets and tips so in honour of that article here’s mine.

Where have you just got back from?

I always like to go away at the end of September (as Timehop keeps reminding me).  It’s after the last trade shows of the year and before things get bonkers for Christmas.  Just got back and still suffering from jet lag from a whistlestop hop around the States.  Orlando, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Big Sur. Lots of flights, some great views and a top notch new hotel discovery that I want to go back to already.  And who doesn’t love a spot of Disney – it’s wasted on kids.

Name a place that lived up to the hype

Tokyo.  It’s basically the future and even more Japanese than you can imagine.  And everyone is so polite you find yourself bowing after being there for 24 hours.

And one that least lived up to the hype

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