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Top Drawer Autumn 2016

15th September 2016

I came. I saw. I conquered. That’s the trade show season over with for this year and only another four months until it starts all over again with Top Drawer Spring in the cold depths of January.  Let’s not think about that just yet though.


I can’t lie and say it was the most amazing show ever as it wasn’t and shows have changed for all exhibitors over the sixteen years that I have been doing them.  Footfall was particularly quiet on this one so it’s good that I got the orders I did.  Still it was as always fun to see my existing customers for a catch up, gossip, and to make those Christmas orders and to meet new people who have only just discovered Dean Morris Cards.

Today I’ve mostly spent catch up raising invoices and sending out catalogues.  All good!

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Setting up Top Drawer

10th September 2016

I’ve been busy the last couple of days down in London Town setting up Top Drawer.  I’m a little bit more organised than I used to be. I almost l know how the stand will look before I get here now.  In the olden days I simply used to bring all my cards and gifts and pretty much make it up as I went along.  Oh for being older and wiser now.  That said there’s still a bit of flying by the seat of my pants and changing it around and making it up.

Now armed with the pre requisite hi viz gear (health and safety requirement) I can set up ZB9 – my home for the next four days. There wasn’t too many dramas this time, only one wall panel not installed and the carpet has been laid over a screw on the floor so that’s going to bug me for the whole of the show.  Just deal with Dean.

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It’s that time of year again!

8th September 2016

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s new. It won’t just be about cards – thankfully – but whatever takes my fancy.  Think of it as good look inside my head and whatever is happening in there at any given moment.

This one is though as this weekend marks the final trade show of the year for me at London’s Olympia at Top Drawer.  I mix and match my trade shows up a bit (there’s only so much you want to spend a year on cladding, electrics, carpet and bad catering) but this show is always one that is in the calendar.  It was the first show I ever exhibited at back in 2000 and haven’t missed a show since.  Oh how times (and hairstyles) have changed!

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