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This Christmas Don’t Say Fuck or Bugger

8th November 2018

This week the UK said goodbye to Big Brother!

When it started I loved it, do you remember Caggy from the first series? It became a very different programme over the years, budgets went up, media coverage exploded, and careers were made and forgotten about. Of course it reached it’s peak with the Davina parody character’s iconic line “You’re live on Channel 4 – don’t say fuck or bugger!” Read more in the complete post …

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10 for Christmas for 2018

10th October 2018

Oh no! Secret Santa gift time, again! Bah humbug!

Secret Santa gift ideas under £10 for 2018

Looking for Secret Santa ideas for under £10? Read on my friend, read on…

So, we’re hurtling towards that time of year AGAIN – how is 2018 going so quickly, eh? It’s been a bit of an odd year – again what with Brexit and Trump! – and if you don’t know what I mean, then where the hell have you been hiding? So we thought we’d do a quick update post on our Secret Santa gifts to help all of you get into that Christmas spirit, if you’re not there already?!

Secret Santa presents are a little bit of a prickly subject, and if you’re a bloke and didn’t realise the peril of buying the wrong present for someone, then it’s time you woke up and took some notice.

Read more in the complete post …

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Last Posting Dates for Christmas

7th December 2016

AAMNFTIt’s that joyful time of year we get to sit down and write the Christmas Cards. We all love it, the first one you like to write a little message, maybe draw a cute little Rudolph figure. But by the time you get to the 24th card they should consider themselves lucky you even managed to write your name!

I’m writing my own Christmas cards this evening and I remember a story a friend told me. Every year he writes a list of who sends him a card, and then rates the quality of each card. And if the card is too cheap, one of those cards that the paper is so thin it can’t stand up by itself, they get crossed off his Christmas Card list!

And as the doors of the advent calendars open its important to remember to order your cards in time or you may end up with the cheap multipack from the local garage. Here are our recommended dates to get your rude Christmas card orders in.

Last Days for Ordering

Royal Mail has its last days for posting to ensure orders get to their destinations in time for Christmas. Below are the dates we recommend ordering by to ensure we can get it out to you in time for Doctor Who Day.

Read more in the complete post …

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Christmas is here!

2nd November 2016

dmx-214Not long now until the John Lewis 2016 Christmas advert is on, the first showing of the Coco-Cola Holidays are Coming advert and the shops are full of Christmas gifts, decorations and adverts.

Wait, the shops are already full of Christmas stuff and its only November!? Every year there are complaints about shops being full of Christmas merchandise and signs way too early – people like to keep Christmas special, preserve the magic and build up to December.

And that is very understandable, last night driving into Birmingham I passed a house that already has its Christmas tree and decorations up! At home, nothing remotely festive goes up until 1st December and you have drunk your first Advent Calendar Gin.

Except in the office.

All the website orders are picked and sent out from here and in October we have a bit of a sort out and shift around to make room for the Christmas cards. November and December are our two biggest months on the website with people looking for some rude, funny or offensive Christmas cards to send their co-workers, friends and family.

Read more in the complete post …

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