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Setting up Top Drawer

10th September 2016

I’ve been busy the last couple of days down in London Town setting up Top Drawer.  I’m a little bit more organised than I used to be. I almost l know how the stand will look before I get here now.  In the olden days I simply used to bring all my cards and gifts and pretty much make it up as I went along.  Oh for being older and wiser now.  That said there’s still a bit of flying by the seat of my pants and changing it around and making it up.

Now armed with the pre requisite hi viz gear (health and safety requirement) I can set up ZB9 – my home for the next four days. There wasn’t too many dramas this time, only one wall panel not installed and the carpet has been laid over a screw on the floor so that’s going to bug me for the whole of the show.  Just deal with Dean.

Mostly done now – just chilling back in the luxury of the Hilton Olympia.  I was advised as check in that tbis my 30th stay in this hotel.  Lordy, that’s about a total of 120 nights!!  Finished glossy photos tomorrow but here’s it for now.


See you on Stand ZB9


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