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Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10 for Christmas 2016

Posted 14th December 2016

Oh no! Secret Santa gift time, again! Bah humbug!

So, it’s that time of year AGAIN – how did 2016 go so quickly, eh? It’s been a bit of an odd year – and if you don’t know what I mean, then where the hell have you been hiding? So we thought we’d do a quick Secret Santa post to help all of you finally get into that Christmas spirit, if you’re not there already?!

Secret Santa presents are a little bit of a prickly subject, and if you’re a bloke and didn’t realise the peril of buying the wrong present for someone, then it’s time you woke up and took some notice.

What’s the problem? Well, how do you get someone in the office something that’s not so expensive that they suddenly think you fancy them, or so cheap looking – even though it did actually cost you more than you wanted to spend – that they are frosty with you for the next month? And there’s the issue – value for money needs to be mixed with something that says ‘Hey, I know he / she really did put some effort into this for me’ while at the same time not being so outwardly showy that people start shipping you together.

So, unless you really do want to ask him or her out, jewellery’s out and electronics are too expensive. It’s at this point you can turn to something humorous but useful. That’s where we have some great ideas for you. Either buy them singly if that’s your budget, or use them as part of a larger present to ‘top things up’ and make a memorable Secret Santa surprise that they’ll remember this time next year. So, here’s a short list of some Secret Santa gift ideas for under £10.

Secret Santa mugs

Who doesn’t like a mug? Well, again, for men this is probably a good choice for most and if you’re buying for a lady, this can be funny extra thrown in with some nice Christmas goodies, depending upon their taste.

Coasters aren’t just for Xmas

Not wishing to push a point, but a mug makes a mark on a desk, doesn’t it, and so what better to go with one than a coaster – job done, present sorted, thank you and on to the next.

Do they like travel?

So I’m not saying that luggage labels and travel wallets will really do as a secret Santa present all by themselves, but hey, they’re a brilliant little extra if you know that your Secret Santa recipient loves to travel. They’re thoughtful and funny extras – as long as you realise you can get away with just that as a gift. Come on now…

Knick-knacks to make them laugh.

If you’re looking for one or two extra little top up the presents as part of a Secret Santa gift, we’ve a whole host of trinkets to help you make up that value, including badges, keyrings and fridge magnets

Phone a friend

Yes, we have i-phone cases too – just the ticket for that humorous extra gift for Christmas.

Wrapping it up now

To wrap up our Secret Santa article, and indeed your present, it wouldn’t be right if we forgot to mention our hillarious range of Christmas wrapping paper – perfect to wrap that secret Santa gift or gifts! Careful to read the paper though – some of these are quite rude!

Be the office ‘card’

And remember, we do an awesome range of Xmas cards from the traditional, funny, and cheeky, to the downright rude – something for everyone.

Happy Christmas and may your Secret Santa present be as good as the one you give! (Ancient Chinese Proverb)

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