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Donald Trump’s Height, Nationality & Top Questions You Need Answered… Well, Sort Of.

23rd March 2018

We’ve been trawling through what the ladies and gents around the world are asking about our favourite person, Donald Trump. Yes we can do that, didn’t you know?

And I have to say, the game’s up. We know exactly what it is that you’ve been asking Google about him and we’re here, right now, to answer some of those really burning questions.  Not the ordinary ones, mind you, like ‘What are his views on this or that international crisis’ I’m talking the big issues that you obviously really want to know, like Donald Trump’s height, age and ‘Is he in today?’.

I’m going to build a blog, it’s going to be a great, great blog, and Mexico is going to pay for it. Yes they will…

But first, before we start, we have a question for you:

Why the hell are people asking some of this stuff?!

Here are a selection of our favourite Donald Trump questions that the public are asking on Google each and every day – often many times – and afterwards are our best attempts as answering them.

Click a heading jump to the category of questions that pique your interest the most, or simply keep reading:

Arts and crafts

Vital Stats (yawn)

Straight-up Trump searches

Signs of affection (or exasperation?)

Stuff people really should know already!

Stalkerish questions,  sorry, fans

Cryptic (‘out there’) questions

Name calling…

And finally…


Arts and crafts

How to make Donald Trump        70 searches a month, globally on Google

So that’s two people, every day of the year asking  – ‘How do I make a Donald Trump?’  I mean isn’t one enough?  What would they do with more than one of them?

What are they thinking asking this; how to clone him, perhaps?  If there were more than one DT, how would we all sort out which was real and which was the fake one?  Both would be equally convincing that the other was, in fact, a fake one, made in order to discredit the other.  Maybe I can see the appeal…

Answer: As it turns out, you can make your own little Trump (pardon the wording if you’re in the UK) and here’s the kit to help you along:

How to make a tiny Donald Trump



Trump Vital Stats (sigh…)

There’s a lot of the usual, ‘yawn-fest’  stuff – like

How old is Donald Trump               165000 searches a month
And, I have to ask why people want to know this SO much that five and a half thousand people ask it per day?

Answer: Donald Trump is 72 (Seventy two) Years old. Born 14th of June 1946.

Donald Trump is 72 Years Old.

Donald Trump is 72 Years Old. Hope I’m that active at 72!

Birthday kisses from Donald Trump greeting card

Send ‘Birthday kisses’ with this Donald Trump birthday card (click here) Go on, pucker up!

Donald Trump height  

(60500 searches a month)

Don’t all these people searching have jobs? Is his height or age vital to the fact of how they will vote for him maybe? Perhaps the political pundits should take note!

Answer: He’s 1.9 m tall That’s 6 ft 3 inches high (well, possibly)

Oh dear… somewhere there’s false news on even this ‘fact’ about Mr Trump’s height (got to love the Internet age)! Apparently size does matter. According to sources such as The Guardian Newspaper, he’s really 6′ 2″ tall, as we’re told that’s what’s on his driving licence. ‘Officially’ he’s 6’3″ tall…and Google ‘agrees’ so who are we, the fact loving pulbic to argue. And that’s the long and the short (or is that tall) of it!


Donald Trump's official Height is 1.9m

BUT, we have a new and very important vital statistic with Mr Trump, it seems; his hair:

Trump hair          33100 searches a month  < That’s over a thousand people a day search for this, all year through. Think about that a moment!

There’s obviously some burning desire to ‘see’ or ‘buy’ going on that’s hair related? Could this be a new and unexplored business opportunity? I might look on ebay…


Donald Trump signature                27100 searches a month  < that’s just under a thousand people each and every day of the year (or 36 times an hour!)

Should Mr Trump be worried here?  What is someone  – or rather what are roughly a thousand people a day – planning to do with his signature?  One doesn’t  just get access to his bank account and building by knowing his signature, there’s the small fact that one actually has to, er, BE Donald Trump for that sort of stuff… mostly.

Answer: Here’s his signature and an interesting little analysis of how he writes it

Donald Trump's Signature analysed


How much is Donald Trump worth  18100 searches a month  < Well that’s a bit rude… oh, hang on a minute, maybe they mean how much money has he got?

Answer: Only a few really know. Perhaps this will help:


Straight-up Trump searches

His name:  Easy, right?
You’d think people might get the basics right when searching… it’s not a difficult name, after all, is it!? One or two wrong examples a day might just be a mistype but nearly three hundred thousand times a month, or ten thousand times a DAY!?   Here are some of the ‘original’ ways the public ask for the main man:

Donal Trump       246000 searches a month

Donald Teump   49500 searches a month < Guys, you’re overcomplicating things!

Donald Trumpet                4400 searches a month < What?!

Donald Trump p                  140 searches a month  < We really want to pronounce that P, at the end, don’t we!

Who is Donal Trump        260 searches a month < Who indeed…

Answer: his name is Donald John Trump. What you search beyond that is up to you…

Donald Trump's Full Name is Donald John Trump


Signs of affection (or exasperation?)

Mr Trump is obviously viewed with a range of emotions, from nick-names like:

Ald Trump            110 searches a month

…to people actually making little ditties when they search, like these:

Donald Trump Donald Trump       1600 searches a month

Donald Donald Trump     1000 searches a month < sounds a bit like a song lyric, doesn’t it!

Trump Trump Trump        590 searches a month <  A sign of exasperation, maybe?  Or does searching for ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’, somehow get more news that just the one?  I’ll say it again, isn’t one lot of news enough?

Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump          110 searches a month – again, asking Google more times, won’t make it answer more earnestly. This definitely sounds like an English Football chant to me (that’s ‘soccer’ to our American friends).

Donald Trump Birthday card - I'll make you pay  for it!

Make ’em pay for the Donald Trump birthday card you send them?!


Stuff people really should know already!

Who is Donald Trump      18100 searches a month

Oh FFS (and I don’t mean Franz Ferdinand and Sparks). If people are searching for him, don’t they already know something about him?Who is Donald Trump

What nationality is Donald Trump             5400 searches a month

Bluntly, if people are asking this, maybe they don’t deserve the Internet…   Next they’ll be asking if he’s a cat or something. That’s around 180 people each and every day who don’t know that you HAVE to be from the US to be the president.

Answer: American

You can find more, if you’re interested, in what it takes to make you eligible to be US president, apart from lots of money (which has to help) here:

Second answer: Let’s be kind and assume they mean ‘where’s his surname from’ – it’s of German origin.


Stalkerish questions,  sorry, fan questions

Where is Donald Trump 2400 searches a month – or another opportunity for an entrepreneur, maybe?  You know, like ‘where’s Wally?’


Donald Trump address   2900 searches a month < Are they planning on visiting? Writing to him?  Also, he owns a lot of stuff, so do they want a list? 

This next question kind of backs up the thought:

is Donald Trump in            20 searches a month < roughly 1 search a day (is it the same person?)

Do they want to drop in for a cup of coffee or something? All I can say is that If the searcher is on sufficiently friendly terms to be asking the question, perhaps they should call his mobile?!

Answer: If you really want to know, here’s his schedule click here:


Cryptic (‘out there’) Donald Trump questions

Cryptic Donald Trump

If you lose your sanity doing this puzzle, don’t blame us!

How is Donald Trump      1000 searches a month < 30 searches each and every day of the year. Ah, that’s nice – seeing how he is today. Or, ooooh, maybe they mean ‘HOW is he!?’, as in ‘How does he come to exist in his current form?’ Very deep guys and girls… very deep.


Why Donald Trump          720 searches a month < 24 searches a day, all year round… Well, now that kind of backs up my alternative thoughts on ‘how’, doesn’t it? Or is exasperation creeping back in there and it’s more of a rhetorical question?


What is Donald Trump    1900 searches a month < Now this is getting silly. Do people just cycle through how, what, where, when, why…? Again, already – you’d think that if they know the name, they might know this already? No?


Was Donald Trump           140 searches a month < To clarify, FIVE people a day search this!  Was he what?!  Is this another deep, searching question, maybe? Perhaps it’s beyond my abilities to comprehend such things. I mean, think about it… ‘was Donald Trump, dude?’; wow… out there, man.


What about Donald Trump            110 searches a month < What about him?!  You know, whoever you are searching this, you’re making Google work quite hard here, thinking it will know what you mean…


Name calling…

Donald Trump is a            590 searches a month < Come on now! People are goading Google to call him names?!  If we start typing this in, Google suggest says (and remember this is based upon what other people have asked): Is a CAT?!

Donald Trump is a


And finally…

And last, but not least, here’s my favourite.

Is Donald Trump real       210 searches a month < Do people think he’s computer generated, or an actor, maybe? I’m not quite sure how this question comes to someone’s mind but it occurs to about ten people a day. Maybe they’re right!?

Short answer:  ‘fraid so.  Still, whoever said politics wasn’t interesting!


Ah, well, sadly we’re at the end of this muse through the mind of the general public and proof that some people really shouldn’t be allowed access to a keyboard. Thanks for joining us!











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