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Someone hacked your webcam and got your password?

24th October 2018

We have been chatting to some friends recently and it appears that the hackers are getting a bit more aggressive in their attempts to get money out of people. Over the years we have received loads of these, but there is something different about this one that gets your attention. It includes a password that you do or have used on some websites, or it is nearly right (maybe missing a character or number).

We have had these emails and some friends have asked for advice on it, so we thought it may be helpful to share some suggestions on what to do (in addition to do not pay them). The email will probably look something like this:

I am well aware letmein69 is your pass. Lets get straight to the purpose. No person has compensated me to check about you. You do not know me and you are probably wondering why you’re getting this email?

in fact, i setup a malware on the adult video clips (porn) site and guess what, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what i mean). When you were watching video clips, your web browser started out functioning as a RDP that has a key logger which provided me with access to your display screen and also web camera. immediately after that, my software obtained every one of your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, and email . and then i made a double-screen video. 1st part displays the video you were watching (you have a good taste ; )), and second part shows the view of your web cam, & it is u.

You do have not one but two possibilities. Why dont we explore each of these options in particulars:

First choice is to disregard this e-mail. in this situation, i most certainly will send your very own tape to every single one of your contacts and also just imagine concerning the shame you will definitely get. in addition if you happen to be in a committed relationship, precisely how it is going to affect?

Second alternative would be to compensate me 1000 USD. Lets call it a donation. in this situation, i will right away remove your videotape. You will keep going your daily routine like this never took place and you will not ever hear back again from me.

Sounds all a bit scary I know!

First thing to do is follow the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’s first piece of advice – don’t panic!

If your your PC or Mac has all the latest updates installed and you have your Anti-Virus and Security up to date then the chances of having a virus or naughty bit of software that they claim to have used is remote! But there is never any harm in checking they are up to date and running a full scan to be sure.

But there is one thing to do – change your password! And change the password on every site that uses this password.

We have included some more advice below the link on passwords, how to protect your accounts and how to manage your passwords. It’s not very exciting, but its really important stuff to protect your privacy and money. You can also find out how they probably got hold of your password. Read more in the complete post …

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Greetings Cards and Gifts Giveaway

3rd July 2018

Win free Stuff!We are all fans blowing here at Dean Morris cards towers! And we thought we’d remind you about the biggest competition going on today … no not England in the Russia 2018 World Cup, but our very own giveaway. A box of funny greetings cards, mugs, coasters, and even the odd rude badge for you to give to your friends and office co-workers, or just to smugly keep on your desk. No more hunting around for your favourite mug in work, you’ll have 6 of them. You could use one to suit your mood maybe when you need a brew.

It’s super easy, all you need to do is head over to Instagram, like the image displayed here and then share it with two friends.

We’ll pick a winner at random on the 10th July and then be in touch with them to arrange delivery of your box.

We’ve picked a selection of designs to suit all occasions through the year, we sure you’ll love it!

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Height, Nationality & Top Donald Trump Questions You Need Answered… Well, Sort Of.

23rd March 2018

We’ve been trawling through what the ladies and gents around the world are asking about our favourite person, Donald Trump. Yes we can do that, didn’t you know?

And I have to say, the game’s up. We know exactly what it is that you’ve been asking Google about him and we’re here, right now, to answer some of those really burning questions.  Not the ordinary ones, mind you, like ‘What are his views on this or that international crisis’ I’m talking the big issues that you obviously really want to know, like Trump’s height, age and ‘Is he in today?’. Read more in the complete post …

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And for something completely different..

8th November 2016

Well I believe there’s a big bit of news going on today.  Well whatever it is maybe it’s time for some light relief from the impending apocalypse.  So I present you some VERY cute dog memes from snapchat.  Wouldn’t the World be a better place if there were more dog memes.  I’ll leave it at that.

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